Booking the Hall and Playing Field

Hall Hire
The Hall can be hired at 12 per hour (with effect from 4th April 2022) .

Children's parties are charged at 30 for 3 hours then 12 per hour.

We no longer ask for a deposit. Howevever we will charge the hirer if the premises are not left in a suitable condition for the next user.

Please note, we are a Charity, entirely funded by our small fees or voluntary donations.

We are also run by volunteers. If the website fails to update any price increases, the Treasurer or Bookings Secretary can provide the updated prices. Thank you.

Booking fees will be as stated by the Booking Secretary on Booking.

Field Hire
The playing field and the changing facilities in the Hall are also available for hire.

Football teams wishing to use the field should contact the Secretary to discuss their requirements for the season.

Cricket teams should contact Dan Keddle.

Pitch allocations are made at the start of the season and will be made as fairly as possible with preference being given to existing user clubs.

Any decision taken by the Aylburton Village Club in this respect will be final and it will not enter into any discussion of its decisions.

For further information contact the Secretary.

Aylburton Memorial Hall

Aylburton Memorial Hall

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