Playing Field

Aylburton Memorial Hall & Playing Field Aerial View Aylburton Memorial Playing Field Aylburton Memorial Hall, GL15 6DL The Cross Public House The Aylburton Stone Cross The George Public House High Street, Aylburton, A48 Chapel Hill, Aylburton Wesley Close, Aylburton, GL15 6DE, Vehicle Access Aylburton Methodist Chapel Pedestrian Access to Hall & Field Aylburton

Aylburton Memorial Hall and Playing Field - please use mouse to hover over for map information.

Playing Field

There is a large playing field behind the Hall and the Methodist Church. It is used by the community and by local football clubs. It is also the home ground of the Forest Exiles CC.

The playing field and the changing facilities in the Hall are also available for hire.

At the top of the field there is a new children's play area.

Tables, chairs and gazebos are available for use on the field.

The field also has an electricity supply.

The field can be hired separately for sports events or car boot sales.

Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times when on the field. Waste bins are provided.

Camping on the field is not allowed.

Parking spaces are limited but additional parking can be arranged on the field for large events if required.

Football teams wishing to use the field should contact the Secretary to discuss their requirements for the season.

Cricket teams should contact Mr Keddle.

The 1939-1945 Gates

The wrought iron gates commemorating the 1939-1945 conflict are now in need of restoration. Road Wash from traffic disturbing standing water flooding down from Chapel Hill has rotted out the lower sections. The Flower and Vegetable Show has funded a £1000 grant for this purpose. The remainder will be funded by the Hall. We have asked a local business to undertake this work, so the restored and strengthened gates will be returned prior to May 2025.

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